Vintage instrument repair and restoration

From earliest analog to 1990s digital, we’ve repaired them all. We love early ARP and Moog, but have a soft spot for unloved classics like Ensoniq ESQ-1 and SQ-80.

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Rare and unusual components

We can source rare components for your vintage synthesiser. In some cases, we may be able to fabricate replacement parts, or even entire boards.

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Rare Instruments

We usually have some rare and unusual instruments in stock, such as the Sound Instruments Sonica pictured above.

Also, living with us is the tenth E-mu Emulator made, the first Digital Keyboards Synergy ever made, and the second ever Mulogix Slave 32.

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This is a labour of love

Established in 2018, we are dedicated to our craft of bringing rare and unusual electronic musical instruments back from the brink.

Moog Sonic Six